Zelanga Shades: Carports, Shade Covers, Shade Sails  
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Zelanga Shades: Carports, Shade Covers, Shade Sails

High quality galvanised steel single and double “TEMPORARY” carports with the integrity of a “PERMANENT” structure.

Useful for Carports, Shade Covers, Shade Sails and Entertainment Areas.

All shade cloths are 98% uv resistant and selected colours are flame retardant.

Zelanga shades carports are the only "temporary" carport that is endorsed by BHP Billiton housing and Newman Shire council in WA.


Don't want this to happen to your vehicle?
Install a Zelanga shade.

Three most common reasons for buying a Zelanga Shade.

  • Generally no council permit required

  • Easy installation

  • Ideal for cyclone areas due to the easy removal and re-installation of the top

All carports are PERMANENT / TEMPORARY structures. We offer the following options:

A) SCREW PILE OR MEGA ANCHOR - For inground fittings.

B) SURFACE MOUNT - For existing slabs.

Easy D.I.Y installation, engineering specs, 98% UV resistant, flame retardant and withstands category 3 winds.

Due to the fact that we are unable to do soil tests for every location we cannot guarantee the inground fixings and therefore in very high winds we recommend that our "easy" to remove system is used to take the sail off until the threat has passed.

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